(Liquid Jet Liquid Pumps (Eductor-اجکتور مایع با جت مایع

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Liquid Jet Liquid Pumps (Eductor)
Liquid jet ejectors or Liquid jet pumps are jet pumps operating on the ejector principle which suck a liquid by means of a motive liquid jet, mix the motive and suction flows and convey the mixed flow.
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(Liquid Jet Liquid Pumps (Eductor

Liquid jet liquid pumps are jet pumps which suck in a liquid  by means of a motive liquid jet  mix the motive and suction flows and convey the mixed flow . As with all jet pumps the motive liquid has the highest pressure  the suction flow the lowest pressure , and the pressure of the mixed flow p lies between the motive pressure and suction pressure. In order to convey the mixture, the total conveying pressure must be overcome. This is determined by the geodetic height, pipeline resistance and the resistance of installed parts, such as shut-off valves or control valves etc.

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Liquid jet liquid pump Karajet Catalog

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  • Self-priming
  • Simple and reliable
  • Corrosion and erosion resistant
  • Automatic control
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost
  • May be installed in any position
  • Wide range of materials such as steal, stainless steal, cast iron, bronze, Teflon and graphite 


  • Conveyance and mixing of fluids and suspensions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Draining of cellar rooms
  • Pumping out of foundation pits
  • Conveyance of dirt water, sewage, slurry or sludge in water, sewage, building and other industry
  • Proportioning chemical solutions and diluting acids and alkali to a definite end concentration
  • Conveying and mixing acids or lyes in water and effluent treatment plants
  • Acidifying/causticizing oils
  • Introducing antiknock agents and colouring additives to gasoline