Steam Trap-تله بخار-استیم ترپ

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Wherever steam is being used,some of it will be condensed in heaters,tanks and condensers. As Presence of condensate in a steam system can cause physical damage due to water hammer or
,corrosion and also it can disturb fluidity & thermodynamic operation so we have to find a way for taking it out from the system.
We recommend you to read the "more details " part, if you want to know more about steam trap.

Steam trap 

 steam trap is used to do this with negligible consumption or loss of live steam  Each steam application has its own steam trap requirements.  Selecting the right steam trap for your application could have a significant positive impact on your process.
For example: condensate must be removed promptly from a plant where maximum heat transfer is sought at all times.

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Types of steam trap

based on operating principles,we can divided them into three different types

• Mechanical Steam Traps
• Thermodynamic Steam Traps
• Thermostatic Steam Trap