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Desuperheater :
Superheated steam is not always desirable,for instance in those applications that heat transfer coefficient is important, saturated steam is preferred. Desuperheaters can reduce the temperature of steam or any other superheated vapor near to its saturated temperature by means of water or another coolant. Water is introduced into the process line and comes into direct contact with the superheated steam.


  :General Usage 

In order to reduce the outlet temperature of superheated medium to its . saturation temperature inttemperature control .

You can learn more about desuperheaters by reading our catalog here : 

KARAJET Desuperheater Catalog  

 :Typical Applications in Industries

  • Stabilizing superheat after boiler, since boilers produce variableSteam moistening plants in textile industry

  • temperature steam in process industries.

    • Turbine bypass systems in power plants.

    • Before surface condensers to increase the efficiency and prevent stresses by thermal expansions in oil and gas industries, petrochemical plants and power plants.

    • To improve heat transfer of surface type heat exchangers in oil and gas industries, petrochemical plants and food industry.

    • To control superheat temperature when boilers does not work at their full load in power plants, chemical industry and food industry.

    • In paper and board industry for paper drying machines.

    • In pharmaceutical industry for process heaters.