Liquid jet vacuum pumps

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In most cases, liquid jet pumps are operated with water as motive medium. Depending on application and material, it is also possible to use other liquids.
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Liquid jet vacuum pumps

What is liquid jet vacuum pump?

In these devices the liquid jet from the motive nozzle emerges at a high velocity, entraining air, gas or vapour in the head and compressing it to atmospheric pressure. Vapours can be partly or completely condensed. In principle, any liquid can be employed as motive medium providing that the physical characteristics such as density, viscosity and boiling behaviour are  . known for design purposes.

The action of liquid jet pumps is based on the fact that the liquid jet coming out of the motive nozzle at high speed entrains air, gas, liquid or solid matters from the head of the jet pumps and compresses them to atmospheric pressure. For more detailed information on structure and mode of operation of jet pumps please refer to “General information on jet pumps”,