Steel Industries

صنایع فولادسازی


In steel industries raw steel is refined during the secondary metallurgy in so-called RH plants (Ruhrstahl-Hereaus-Plants). The vacuum treatment in RH plants produces steels which will fulfill the highest demands in quality by removing entrained gasses from molten metal. The removal of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen by this method produces ‘clean’ steels with superior properties and a higher level of reliability without the addition of ferroalloys.

KaraJet has provided its products and services to steel industries for:

-Reducing hydrogen and nitrogen contents (steel degassing)
-Deoxidation and decarbonisation down to the lowest carbon contents in the magnitude of 0,001 mass percent.
-Admixing of alloying contributions during the vacuum treatment

Our jet vacuum pumps provide the following advantages for steel degassing:

-Immediately available for the rapid evacuation of the process tank to the pressure required. This demands the handling of very high suction capacities (i.e. many thousands kg/hr or very high volume flows)
-Resilient and reliable even under the hardest conditions
-Low investment costs

-Steam Jet Vacuum Pumps
-Multi-Stage Steam Jet Vacuum Systems with Mixing Condensers