Power Plant

صنایع نیروگاهی


KaraJet has been supplying efficient reliable vacuum systems to the electric power industry. These vacuum systems can improve power station heat rates and provide economical solutions for environmental requirements.

KaraJet condensers, steam jet and water jet vacuum ejectors are established components in steam power plants. There have been innovative developments over the past decades and continuously upgraded aggregates to lower energy consumption by optimizing heat recovery in power stations.

Waste to energy (including landfill methane to energy), cogeneration, nuclear, geothermal, combined heat and power and combined cycle power generating facilities require our products.

KaraJet has provided its products and services to power plants for:

- Condenser Exhausting
- Geothermal Gas Removal
- Condenser Initial Evacuation (Hogging)
- Water Box Priming
- Fly Ash Conveying
- Flue Gas Desulfurization
- Turbine Gland Exhausting
- Vacuum Deaeration

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