صنایع پتروشیمی


KaraJet products are found throughout the chemical and petrochemical industries and our ejector systems have been extensively used in chemical processing, by many leading companies in the industry. Feedstock petrochemical producing plants, such as, ethylene, methanol and ammonia require our steam surface condensers for turbine/compressor service. Downstream secondary petrochemical producing plants, including ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, styrene, polystyrene, cumene/phenol and ethylene dichloride, on the other hand, have requirements for single, two, three, and four stage ejector systems, steam surface condensers and various heat transfer products.

For the generation of vacuum in chemical process, KaraJet supplies tailor-made solutions to meet the complex requirements in chemical engineering: suction pressure ranging down to 0.01 mbar, suction flows down to 0.5 kg/h. The KaraJet technology including service and advice are essential components for plant stability and safe operation. The austenitic stainless steel units are extremely robust in their construction and have withstood the harsh corrosive environment, typical in the industry.

KaraJet has provided its products and services to chemicals industries for:

- Vapor Recovery/Gas Boosting
- Chlorine Compression
- Hydrogen Compression
- Vacuum Filtration
- Solvent Recovery
- Vinyl Chloride Monomer Recovery
- Vacuum Distillation
- Vacuum Drying
- Vacuum Evaporation
- Evaporative Cooling
- Degassing


Ejector Systems
Steam Surface Condensers and Condenser Exhausters