Mechanical Steam traps

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Mechanical Steam traps

?What is an Inverted bucket Steam Trap


 Inverted bucket traps are the most robust type of the mechanical traps. They are able to resist water hammer and can be more effective in difficult operations.With check valve fitted in the inlet, they can be .used with superheated steam. Also,  in addition to this informations,  they are available with a wide selection of valve orifices for precise pressure and load matching.

Inverted Bucket steam traps operate as a function of difference in buoyancy of steam and condensate.

Operating Pressure Range: 0.5 to 40 barg

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 400 oC

Capacity Range: Up to 600 kg/h


Advantages of Float Traps:

  • Simple construction and highly durable with very less or negligible wearing.

  • This type of steam trap can withstand with high pressure of the steam system.

  • Can be used in superheated steam lines with NRV installed at the inlet of the trap.

  • Resistance to water hammer.

  • Corrosion resistance.

  • Resistance against the dirt of steam because of inbuilt strainer in the bucket.


  • Can’t sustain in low-temperature area, can freeze in a cold environment.
  • Priming required before startup.
  • Possibility of steam leakage with low load.
  • The higher temperature of superheated steam can be a cause of losing traps water seal.

What is Invert Bucket Steam trap

Karajet Invert Bucket Steam Traps:

The KARAJET Invert Bucket steam trap is a medium pressure carbon steel inverted bucket steam trap that can handle a large range of pressure and is equipped with an internal strainer.

You can get more useful and comprehensive information about this steam trap by downloading the inverted bucket steam trap catalog of Karajet Company, and get to know this equipment more fully by being more aware of their operational characteristics.



The KARAJET SCA series is a low capacity maintainable carbon steel steam trap with in-line connections. They are suitable for a wide range of pressures and incorporate an integral strainer.

Also you can see the Invert Bucket Steam Traps according to the connection and the model in the table below:

Invert Bucket Steam TrapsInvert Bucket Steam Trap 

Karajet Invert Bucket Steam Trap catalogue