Food and Beverage

صنایع غذایی و نوشیدنی


In food and beverage industries the efficient recovery of fatty acids and oils entrained in the deodorizing steam has the economic advantages of minimizing product loss and pollution in condenser water.
Edible oil deodorization is done under vacuum at very low absolute pressures. Early systems operated at 5 to 6 mm Hg abs and had direct-contact condensers. Now a days plants operate at 1.5 to 3 mm Hg abs with surface-type inter-condensers. This lower operating pressure reduces stripping steam consumption within the deodorizer, and energy consumption is lower.
In practically all important process stages for the production of edible oils, KaraJet steam jet vacuum pumps and vacuum systems are traditionally guaranteed for energy efficient and reliable operation. To meet today’s increasing demands for energy savings and environmental protection, KaraJet now supplies different specially developed systems with closed water circuits, cold-water systems as well as ice (dry)-condensation vacuum systems. Other ejector applications in edible oil refineries include vacuum bleaching, hydrogenation, deaeration, and interesterification.

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