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Karajet Areas

Karajet Areas 

Karajet has provided its products and services to oil and gas refineries and products are found throughout the chemical and petrochemical industries and our ejector systems have been extensively used in chemical processing, also In food and beverage industries the efficient recovery of fatty acids and oils entrained in the deodorizing steam has the economic advantages of minimizing product loss and pollution in condenser water.

We are proud of  supplying efficient reliable vacuum systems to the electric power industry. These vacuum systems can improve power station heat rates and provide economical solutions for environmental requirements.

Karajet areas has grown and In steel industries raw steel is refined during the secondary metallurgy in so-called RH plants (Ruhrstahl-Hereaus-Plants). The vacuum treatment in RH plants produces steels which will fulfill the highest demands in quality by removing entrained gasses from molten metal. The removal of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen by this method produces ‘clean’ steels with superior properties and a higher level of reliability without the addition of ferroalloys.