Oil and Gas

Karajet has provided its products and services to oil and gas refineries throughout the world for more than two decades.

Vacuum distillation: Karajet ejector systems and vacuum systems support vacuum distillation of crude oil throughout the world. Our experience includes the world’s largest vacuum distillation columns in North America, Middle East and Asia. Our vacuum producing equipment can be found wherever crude oil is refined.

Heavy Oils and Oil Sands: Unconventional crude oils are some of the most difficult to upgrade. Karajet equipment is found in Alberta providing reliable operation for the largest oil sands upgraders in Western Canada and in Venezuela for the difficult extra-heavy crude oils from the Orinoco Belt.

Lube Oil Fractionation: The production of lube oil from various crude oil slates requires predictable and reliable vacuum levels in the fractionation towers. Karajet ejector systems and ejector-liquid ring combination systems for lube oil service are found in the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.

Conversion processes: including FCCU, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, coking, require reliable equipment to support these specialized services. Karajet works closely with turbomachinery equipment provides to ensure our steam surface condensers allow optimum horsepower from the steam turbine.

Clean transportation fuels: Karajet ejector systems and specialty process vacuum condensers provide outstanding performance in ULSD and clean gasoline services. When considering improving middle distillate recovery and sulfur removal, Karajet is the equipment supplier of choice.